BBBounce - Friday 24th oct, Rics Upbar

Be prepared for a full facial assault of epic proportions...

DJ Bulge

DJ Hutch

Rics Upbar



BBBounce Friday 15th Aug w/ Danny Cool

You know it...

DJ Bulge and Danny Cool (Melb) are shaking Ric's Upbar

Get in like Flynn


BBBounce - Ric's Upbar, Friday 20th

DJ Bulge @ Ric's THIS FRIDAY presents...

BBBounce - The Bulgemobile tribute show!

Yes, it's the end of an era, finally the Bulgemobile moves on.

Fly your flags at half-mast and wear a black armband in respect of the little rad red car that could.

Pay your respects here...


SUNDAY 6/6/08, Boxy's FEEL GOOD FUNK at Press Club

The funkiest feeling you'll have THIS SUNDAY!


Rumpus Room - Sat 16th May

DJ Bulge rocking the RUMPUS ROOM this Saturday 16th May.

It's Mrs. Bulge's Birthday too, some join in the festivities!